Inlo Satellite



Inlo Satellites are setup around the home to map the space, manage assets, and trigger events based off of indoor location data. You can have many Inlo Satellites in a Location. Every home must have only one Inlo Base Station.

Plugs into standard USA outlet

Wireless: BLE, 802.15.4


Inlo Base Station manages Inlo Satellites and allows your Inlo network to access the Internet. Every site should have only one Inlo Base Station. 

Plugs into standard USA outlet.

Wireless: Wifi, BLE, 802.15.4


**DISCLAIMER: We are an early stage company. We do not have consistent stock. As product comes in it will go out. We can not give exact timelines at this point. Any questions would gladly be answered promptly through our social media or

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Type: Gateway

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