What's Inlo?

Inlo is a Presence Interface.
Presence does for location what Voice(Alexa, Google asst.) does for speech. Inlo does not make a device smart. We add human Presence to the Internet

Find your wireless stuff quickly

Use Inlo to find wireless stuff like headphones, remotes, watches and anything else wireless in your home!

Have tracking tags?

Inlo can find popular tracking tags easily. You can use Alexa to find where your tags (or pets with tags) are in your home.

Did you lose your earbuds again?

What’s worse? Listening to gym music or being on a 4-hour flight with no headphones?

"Alexa, ask Inlo where's my remote?"

Inlo lets you create a network of roommates, friends, and family.

Location Sharing
Give your network a view of each other’s recent and current location.

Smart Notifications
Be notified of your networks Actions.

Actions Feed
Allow your network to Interact with you throughout the day.



The possibilities are endless

Once Inlo is plugged into your walls, life gets easier. Everyone will use their Presence in a unique way.