About our Technology

Inlo App

Indoor Map

Scan Bluetooth objects with your phone to add them to your map.


Inlo simply extends all the benefits of GPS to indoor locations by providing an indoor map. You can also view GPS location of objects.

Inlo would primarily use your phone to see GPS locations, similar to products like Tile.

Floor Plan Editing

Draw and edit the floor plan of your Site.

Share Site with Flatmates, Family, and Friends

Message and keep up with housemates, family members, and people in your daily life. We use Inlo as a fun way to make daily life a touch more convenient and playful!

Inlo has built-in chat, sharing, and notification features.


Create your Presence

Presence is a new way to interact with your technology. Devices respond not to your voice or a button, but to your Presence! If you enter a room, the devices in that room can adjust and respond accordingly: Lights can turn on, smart locks can unlock, thermostats can adjust, speaker volume can turn up.

Identify which device represents you, like a smart phone, fitness tracker, smartwatch, or any other wireless thing you always have on you.

Mesh Network

Inlo's Presence Solution

Inlo devices mesh together forming a network that permeates the building. That is how Inlo can sense other objects moving through the mesh.

Base Station

The Base Station connects Inlo to the internet. Your home needs only one Base Station. 

With just a single Base Station in your house, Inlo can know whether objects are in the home or not.

The Base Station shows up black on your indoor map, while the regular Satellites are green.


The Satellites and Base Station form a network where they all communicate with each other to sense the position of any Bluetooth devices in the area.

The more Satellites you have in the building, the more accurate positioning will be.

Privacy and Security

End to end encryption.

Your Presence information and positions of your objects will only be accessible by you and the people you give permission to. We've secured our network so that even our engineers don't have the possibility to access that information.

Opt In-lo

Inlo is 100% opt-in. If you don't want your Presence to be seen by Inlo, you can simply turn off your Bluetooth item, or not wear it on yourself. If you don't want an object to be seen by Inlo, you can simply turn it off, or set Inlo to be temporarily blind to it. Inlo will not be able to see any objects that you haven't scanned in with the Inlo App.