User Manual

Web App

Indoor Map

Basic use:
  • Hover over room to view name
  • Click on room to switch name on/off


Map Editor

    Advice on drawing your map 
    1. Rooms do not need to be drawn exactly to proportion. Draw your map as best as you can --- it isn’t necessary to draw everything exactly to scale.
    2. Do not layer rooms on top of each other, it's better to divide the floor plan into sections with no layering/stacking of rooms.
    Inlo Satellites
    • Positioning your Satellites on the map accurately is the most important step to ensure that Inlo's positioning algorithm can work. Make sure the location you place the Satellites on the map matches the location in your house that you plugged the satellite in.
    • Satellites show up as black rectangles on the map. (The Base Station shows up green).
    • Double click on a Satellite to rotate it.
    • Satellites cannot be deleted from the map editor - you must go to your "Profile" -> "Objects" to remove Inlo Satellites from your map.


    User Profile and Settings

    Get to your profile by clicking on the profile picture, or by using the three bar drop-down menu and select “Profile”
    Click on “Objects” to manage your Bluetooth Objects.
    Double click on an Object name to edit it's name --- hit “Enter” to save the edits.


    Use the three bar drop-down menu and select “Settings”
    • Change password
    • Change email address
    • Delete your account