Community Locate

One of the biggest ideas that Inlo plays to is the idea of wireless device addresses. Just like your home has an address, so that your mail can be delivered. Devices need addresses to get messages to the correct device. In wireless this is usually called a MAC address. Each device will have a unique MAC address. Inlo leverages this to help keep track, catalog, and locate your Bluetooth devices for you. This is good for consumers and helps keep track of your belongings. It is also how we can help trigger events based on Location.
* Issues *
Right now some companies choose to hide or secure these MAC addresses in different ways. This way only their devices can keep track of and get messages to each other. There are many reasons given for this such as security or performance. At Inlo we do not see any need for this optimization or security. The same way we do not feel the need to secure your home address. However, because this is an issue we will try to keep a list of known device and brands that have Community Locate.
***Right now Apple products are known to not have this feature. So Iphones and Apple devices such as airpods will not work with Inlo at the current time. We hope in the future they will open this feature.